The Asian Male – 3.AM
Photography by Norm Yip

The rise of Asian men as objects of art have taken enormous steps since the first release of The Asian Male – 1.AM, Norm’s first publication that explored this very subject. Two years later in 2007, Norm published the sequel The Asian Male- 2.AM and it received accolades that reached far beyond the shores of the fragrant harbour, Hong Kong. The photography clearly established him as pioneer in the development of fine art Asian male photography, something that was mainly reserved to Caucasian men. In Norm’s newest collection of photography, it comes seven years after his last publication. Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian, Japanese, Filipino and Vietnamese men from all parts of the world are featured in The Asian Male – 3.AM, photographed in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. The photography takes on a more progressive approach that his previous editions, revealing for the first time full nudes and men in bondage to his audience. For lovers of fine physiques, there is no shortage of 6-pack abdominals and bulging chests gracing the pages of 3.AM. There is plenty. Norm’s sensitive eye to light and shadow, combined with his love for the classical form has culminated in a superb collection of seventy photographic masterpieces.

Title: The Asian Male – 3.AM
Author: Norm Yip
Edited: Norm Yip and Leroy Luar
Foreword: Grady Harp
Type: Hard-cover
Pages: 112 on 200 gsm art matt paper
ISBN 978-988-98259-6-6
Suggested Retail Price: US$65.00
Publication Date: November 1, 2014

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